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March23 is a Belgian contemporary clothing, shoe and accessory brand born on the 23rd of March, 2012.

We believe that fashion is a business of happiness and in that spirit we aim to exceed expectations. Our collections are a tribute to those who seek a luxurious and minimalistic look.

March23 for Women

March23 for Women

We strive to create a tone-on-tone wardrobe of sober and effortless essentials for the woman who loves versatility. Smart collections that deliver basics, key pieces and trendsetting items for you to create the best looks straight from your wardrobe.

We recently completed our clothing and shoes with a new range of accessories comprising of matching bags, bracelets and more.

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March23 for Men

March23 for Men

Every piece of our men's collections are created with the greatest attention to detail. Our style will make you stand out with a timeless presence, without overdressing.

We create wardrobes of sober and effortless essentials for men who love a versatile look.

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March23 Mini Me

March23 Mini Me

We've handpicked some of our signature pieces and adapted them into wearable fashion for girls. Yes, that is all of the goodness packed into in a smaller size.

Spoil them with a mini Kingston and their adorability scale goes through the roof!

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