March23 is a Belgian, contemporary shoe brand born on March23 2012. We believe that fashion is a business of happiness and in that spirit we are trying to exceed expectations. We are attempting to strike the perfect balance between stylish and affordable evening wear and comfortable street style boots and sneakers. For us, fashion is not an attitude, it is a way of living:



Developed for self-conscious, independent individualities.

They love to live their life their own way.

Fashion is not an attitude, it's a way of living.

They will never lose their curiosity and are constantly seeking for new challenges.

They will always believe in themselves.

They love to be noticed but not to be looked at.

They do not compromise but are willing to negotiate.

They are 2/3 dedicated but 1/3 crazy.

They are always ambitious, never lazy.

They love icons not idols.

They breath fashion but are not victims.

Usually they win but are not afraid to lose.

They love to go to Disneyland with their kids but sometimes prefer Ibiza with friends.

They love healthy in the mornings, but Gin in the evenings.

They listen to Bach and Nirvana but dance to Swedish House Mafia and other living legends.

They love their MARCH 23's and store them right there where they can see them when they are in their dressing room.

Every single product of MARCH23 is made with passion and love.

Thanks for believing in us, wear your MARCH23's with pride and joy.